The Demetriades Group is a family orientated business. Throughout the decades members of the family have contributed to the growth, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of the companies.

The founder of the Group was Sophocles Demetriades from Larnaca, Cyprus who, following his studies at the American University of Beirut, established a trade and imports company in Nicosia in 1924. The company’s main business activity was in the field of pharmaceutical distribution, popular consumer items, cosmetics and fragrances.  The Demetriades Group excelled as agents of major international pharmaceutical companies with a presence in Cyprus lasting 90 years.

In 1973 Yiangos Demetriades, the son of Sophocles Demetriades, started a property development company, acquiring and developing property in Cyprus. From this period onwards Yiango’s children, Sophocles and Janet Demetriades joined the company and successfully preserved the business acumen and ethics of the group while branching out into other business ventures such as automotives, white goods and other investments.

Since 2009, the children of the late Sophocles Demetriades, Katie and Sophia Demetriades have taken over the real estates’ company and are developing exclusive high-end design projects in Nicosia and London. They also provide Interior Design services for commercial and private property throughout Cyprus.