The air conditioning system is comprised of a water chiller (heat-pump) and is
located on the roof of the building.
The water chiller/heat pump is of the ‘inverter’ type so that considerable amounts
of energy will be saved especially at partial loads.
The indoor units (air blowers) is of the concealed type (non-visible) and
blows conditioned air through attractive air diffusers (air grilles).


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The heating system utilises the same equipment (heat pump) to produce heat.
The heat is transferred via water pipes to the underfloor heating via pumps located
in the same heat pump enclosure.


Solar heating is comprised of high efficiency solar panels with selective coating and copper
hot water cylinder for hot water storage. The cylinder has connections for additional heating via the
heat pump and can also be heated by means of an electric element in case
of emergency.


Water is supplied to the appliances via a pressure pump (2.5 – 3.0 bar)
which is of the silent type.
Cold water storage tanks are located in accordance with the architectural drawings
and are of adequate capacity.


All electrical installations are carried out in compliance with the regulations of the Electricity Authority of
Cyprus. Telephone points and TV points are installed in the living room and all bedrooms. Provision has been made for the installation of a building satellite system. A video entry phone is installed in each
apartment. Provision for home theatre and structure cabling is installed in each 3 bedroom apartment.
Emergency lighting is installed in all communal areas according to building regulations.


Reinforced concrete designed in accordance to the anti-seismic codes.


All masonry walls constructed of hollow bricks and three coats of render.
External walls: 250mm brickwork consisting of two leafs of 100mm with a 50mm air gap.
Dividing walls between apartments: 250mm brickwork.
Internal walls:100mm brickwork.


Roof construction: screed laid to falls and asphalt waterproofing membrane thickness 4mm.
Waterproofing of verandas: Mapei Mapelastic system in accordance to manufacturer’s
recommended details.


External Walls: 30mm extruded polystyrene thermal insulation in wall cavities
and thermal insulation plaster.
Roof level: 50mm of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation above all habitable rooms.


Internal walls: three coats of plaster and three coats of emulsion.
Ceilings: fair face concrete, spatula and three coats of emulsion.
External walls: three coats of plaster and three coats of Dulux Weathershield paint.
External ceilings: fair face concrete, spatula and three coats of Dulux Weathershield paint.
Oil paints will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).


External walls: The external façade of the building is a combination of rendered walls
and high performance wood panelling as specified by the architect and shown in the drawings.
Bathroom walls: wall surfaces from floor to ceiling tiled with ceramic tiles.
Kitchen walls: wall between work top and wall cupboards tiled with ceramic tiles.


Floors of ground floor entrance lobby, staircases and lift lobbies: granite of architect’s choice.
All verandas:
High quality ceramic tiles.
2 Bedroom flats:
Living room and bedrooms: oak parquet
Kitchens: oak parquet
Bathrooms: ceramic tiles
3 Bedroom flats:
Living room, bedrooms and guest WC: oak parquet
Kitchens: oak parquet
Bathrooms: ceramic tiles


Aluminium doors and windows with double glazing and galvanized metal sub-frames.
Metal railing for staircase.
Laminated glass balustrades for all verandas.
Frameless glass doors to main entrances of building.


Electrically operated rolling shutters installed externally on all bedroom windows
for sun shading and security.


Apartment entrance doors: solid wood and fireproof with wood veneer finish.
Internal doors: flush doors with a white semi-mat lacquer finish. Frames softwood
painted white.